About us

Passion for truckmodels

Pleased to meet you! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Pieter and Jeanet Dijkhuis and we live in Hoogkerk, in the province of Groningen.

At the age of 14, I (Pieter) bought my first miniture truck. I was very happy having my fist genuine miniture truck on the book shelf in my room. It soon added up. I visited hobby markets and brought my trucks there to show them. Every now and then I sold one, which let to the current business of buying and selling trucks and launching new models. As the years passed, my collection of miniture trucks has grown and even got a bit out of hand. The business has increased considerably as well.

scale model trucks, dijkhuis, WSI and Tekno

Webshop with scalemodels from trucks, at scale 1:50

Dijkhuis-truckshop is established in 2008. We have become WSI dealer for scale 1:50 models. We visit hobby markets on a regular basis and one of our rooms is converted to the WSI shop. Opening hours have extended and on appointment you can visit us almost all week. Jeanet will welcome you with coffee and a treat. She can also advise you, as she has more and more expertise concerning miniture trucks.

We are glad to welcome you on hobby markets or in our shop in Hoogkerk.

Pieter and Jeanet Dijkhuis